VMAR Forensic Engineers

VMAR Forensic Engineers

VMAR Forensic Engineers

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VMAR offers a wide range of forensic engineering services to insurance companies, law firms, and private parties -- including cases involved in both civil and criminal litigation.

Our services include accident reconstruction (including single-vehicle, multi-vehicle, and vehicle-pedestrian accidents), airbag failure, brake system failure, crash data retrieval download and analysis, fire origin and cause, headlamp on/off analysis, ignition lock analysis, low velocity impact or injury biomechanics, seatbelt evaluation, stolen vehicle, throttle system failure, tire failure analysis, and vehicle system forensics.

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David M. Sonne

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction


Featured Service

Crash Data Retrieval

Many vehicles on the road today can record important data when the vehicle is in a crash. The vehicles store this information in an Event Data Recorder (EDR), which is part of the airbag module. VMAR is able to retrieve this data from most vehicles that are model year 2013 and newer, as well as many vehicles older than that, even as far back as vehicles manufactured in 1990s!

Our Experienced Staff


David M. Sonne
President & Senior Engineer


Ben Hosley, A.S.E.
Senior Vehicle Investigator

Our 21 Day

In the world of claims adjusting we know that you usually have only a 30-day window in which to determine the merits of a claim. That's why we promise to handle your assignment and get the completed report into your hands within 21 calendar days.

And we back our promise with this guarantee:

If we do not get your assignment completed within 21 calendar days, then we cut your cost in half.