Toyota Vehicle Control History (VCH) Records Crash Photos

You're already familiar with electronic data that can be collected from airbag control modules (ACM), such as vehicle speed, seatbelt usage, and delta-V. But did you know that many Toyota, Lexus and some GM vehicles can also record date and time stamped photos in impacts and even emergency maneuver scenarios?

Toyota Vehicle Control History (VCH) not only records photos, but it also records a wide variety of data that is useful in accident investigations. This can include vehicle speed, steering input and braking data. It can record data in crash and even non-crash events from triggers such as hard acceleration and hard braking, collision avoidance and ABS activation, sudden acceleration in reverse, and many others. The VCH data is accessed using Toyota Techstream software, typically at the same time we retrieve the vehicle's EDR data.

This data is very useful in high-speed accidents, pedestrian impacts, low-speed rear impacts with injuries being claimed, and fraud investigations. The front-facing photos with date/time stamp can confirm that the accident happened at the date and time alleged. The photos can also be used to confirm the location of the loss, and possibly even the color of a traffic light.

Case in Point: Recently, VMAR investigated a claim involving a 2020 Toyota Tacoma pickup in which the driver claimed he was rear-ended and pushed into another vehicle. We were able to obtain date and time stamps that matched the date of loss, as well as vehicle speed, brake and steering input, and 20 front camera images that captured the entire event. The data proved that the Toyota swerved to the right to avoid a slowing vehicle, but still impacted the rear passenger side corner of the vehicle, and was then rear-ended by the third vehicle.

Toyota Vehicle Control History sequential crash photos
Toyota Tacoma with front facing camera
Toyota Vehicle Control History download process

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