Vehicle System Forensics


Modern vehicles are equipped with sophisticated electronics that store a wide array of data about the vehicle and user. Vehicle telematics modules often store navigation data such as track logs, saved locations, and previous destinations.

The telematics module can also store events associated with the vehicle such as doors opening and closing, headlights being turned on and off, and significant acceleration or deceleration events, with location and timestamp data for such events. Vehicle infotainment modules frequently store telephone call logs, contact lists, and text messages for phones that have been paired to the vehicle.

VMAR uses hardware and software tools to enable forensic acquisition and detailed analysis of the data stored in the telematics and infotainment modules, and this is performed in a non-destructive manner. 

When You Need to Know . . .

  • Was the vehicle at a particular location at a specific date and time?
  • What is a vehicle's location and navigation history, including recent destinations, saved locations, and previous routes?
  • Did an occupant of a vehicle make or receive phone calls, or send or receive text messages, to or from specific phone numbers with a mobile phone paired to the vehicle's infotainment system?
  • What is the vehicle's call log history, contacts, SMS messages, and emails for phones paired to the vehicle?
  • What was the date, time, and location of a vehicle when an accident occurred, when the headlamps were turned on or off, or when specific doors of the vehicle were opened and closed?
  • What was a vehicle's location history after a vehicle was stolen?

Detail of Vehicle System Forensics Investigation and Analysis Service

  • File review (including examination of police report, damage repair estimates, transcripts of recorded statements, etc.)
  • Identify and inspect subject vehicle
  • Locate and connect to telematics and/or infotainment modules to download stored data
  • In certain cases, remove telematics and/or infotainment modules from vehicle to perform desktop download of stored data
  • Reinstall telematics and/or infotainment modules in cases requiring desktop downloads
  • Thorough photo documentation of inspection, investigation, and download process
  • Establish proper chain of custody and evidence storage (when needed)
  • Preparation of a fully detailed written report, including a software-generated vehicle system forensics report

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