Airbag Failure


Airbag systems are technologically sophisticated devices that are designed to prevent injury by deploying within milliseconds of crash detection. But they do not always function as designed. VMAR engineers inspect the airbag system to determine if the system was functioning properly.

Our investigation includes a thorough inspection of the vehicle, including examination of the airbag system components, download of the data stored in the vehicle's Event Data Recorder (EDR), and interpretation of the data retrieved from the EDR. We also perform an analysis of the physical damage to the vehicle, including measuring the crush damage to determine the vehicle's change in velocity (Delta-V) and if the Delta-V was sufficient to send a deployment signal to the airbags.

VMAR then determines if a system defect resulted in mistaken deployment of an airbag or, alternatively, a failure to deploy an airbag when needed. We can also determine if an injury resulted from improper deployment of the airbag.

When You Need to Know . . .

  • Why did the airbags fail to deploy during the accident?
  • Did the airbags deploy prematurely, possibly causing injury?
  • Was the airbag system functioning properly at the time of the accident?
  • Is there a defect in the airbag system that prevented the airbag(s) from deploying during the accident?
  • Can subrogation be successfully pursued in this case?

Detail of Airbag Failure Investigation and Analysis Service

  • File review including examination of police report, damage repair estimates, transcripts of recorded statements, etc.)
  • Extensive research of subject vehicle’s airbag system design parameters
  • Phone interviews of involved parties (when assigned)
  • Inspection and measurement of vehicle(s) damages
  • Accident scene investigation (when assigned)
  • Engineering calculations to determine impact forces
  • Electronic scan of airbag control module and data interpretation (Note: Some system control modules can only be interpreted with manufacturer-proprietary software)
  • Thorough photo documentation of inspection and investigation process
  • Establish proper chain of custody and evidence storage (when needed)
  • Preparation of a fully detailed written report

Our 21 Day

In the world of claims adjusting we know that you usually have only a 30-day window in which to determine the merits of a claim. That's why we promise to handle your assignment and get the completed report into your hands within 21 calendar days.

And we back our promise with this guarantee:

If we do not get your assignment completed within 21 calendar days, then we cut your cost in half.