Tire Failure Analysis


In the Southwest especially, due to high temperature conditions, many accidents result from premature tire failure. You can get a sense of the magnitude of the problem just by looking at the amount of tire tread “samples” littering the roadway shoulders in your area.

We provide a field inspection and overview analysis of the vehicle tires to determine if it is likely or unlikely that tire failure resulted from improper service or repair, or a manufacturer’s defect. If we determine after our preliminary investigation that subrogation potential is evident, we will perform a detailed analysis of the tires to identify the exact cause of the failure.

In cases where a collision occurs as a result of the tire failure, we perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle's mechanical systems, focusing particularly on the steering and suspension systems. This allows us to rule out any other causes for the driver's loss of control.

When You Need to Know . . .

  • Did a defect in one or more of the tires cause the accident?
  • Was tire failure the result of a manufacturer’s defect, improper service/repair, or a roadway hazard?
  • Can subrogation be successfully pursued in this case?

Detail of Tire Failure Investigation and Analysis Service

  • File review (including examination of police report, vehicle repair records, transcripts of recorded statement, etc.)
  • Phone interviews of involved parties (when assigned)
  • Inspect all tires and identify tire make and model
  • Conduct analysis on known manufacturer's defects with relation to make and model of suspect tire(s)
  • Thorough photo documentation of inspection and investigation process
  • Establish proper chain of custody and evidence storage (when needed)
  • Preparation of a fully detailed written report

Our 21 Day

In the world of claims adjusting we know that you usually have only a 30-day window in which to determine the merits of a claim. That's why we promise to handle your assignment and get the completed report into your hands within 21 calendar days.

And we back our promise with this guarantee:

If we do not get your assignment completed within 21 calendar days, then we cut your cost in half.