Accident Reconstruction


When you need to know how and why an accident occurred, a VMAR expert accident reconstructionist can provide the answers. Our accident reconstruction experts have years of experience investigating many types of accidents, including intersection impacts, pedestrian impacts, motorcycle accidents, and roadway barrier collisions, along with criminal vehicular homicide and DUI cases. 

By applying the laws of physics and the knowledge gained from years of accident reconstruction education and research, we are often able to determine such things as: how fast a vehicle was traveling prior to a collision, whether the accident could have been avoided, whether proper restraints could have prevented or lessened the injuries sustained by the occupants, and much more.

VMAR utilizes state of the art technologies to assist in our analysis. These technologies include Event Data Recorder (EDR) and vehicle infotainment / telematics modules retrieval tools, and computer software for modeling and calculations. We are able to reconstruct accidents by either inspecting the accident scene and the involved vehicles, or from photographs of the vehicles and the accident scene, or a combination of both.

When You Need to Know . . .

  • How fast were the vehicles traveling just prior to the collision?
  • Was either party acting improperly?
  • What was the actual cause of the accident: mechanical failure, tire failure, roadway design, driver error?
  • Can subrogation be successfully pursued in this case?
  • What was the date, time, and location of a vehicle when an accident occurred?

Detail of Accident Reconstruction Investigation and Analysis Service

  • File review (including examination of photos, police report, damage repair estimates, transcripts of recorded statements, etc.)
  • Phone interviews of involved parties (when assigned)
  • Vehicle(s) damage evaluation and analysis (when assigned), including locating and photographing exemplar vehicle(s) when needed
  • Accident scene investigation (when assigned)
  • Preparation of accident scene diagram
  • Reconstruction and analysis of accident scene, including engineering calculations to determine impact forces and vehicle speeds
  • Thorough photo documentation of inspection and investigation process
  • Preparation of a fully detailed written report

Our 21 Day

In the world of claims adjusting we know that you usually have only a 30-day window in which to determine the merits of a claim. That's why we promise to handle your assignment and get the completed report into your hands within 21 calendar days.

And we back our promise with this guarantee:

If we do not get your assignment completed within 21 calendar days, then we cut your cost in half.